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Have you been terminated because you were a whistleblower?

“Whistle Blowing” occurs when an employee discovers that his/her employer is breaking the law and reports this to a government or law enforcement agency. Any employee who decides to blow the whistle on their employerare fully protected by law (even if the employer never actually broke the law) and cannot be fired or retaliated against by their employer. If their employer discovers that an employee blew the whistle and terminates the employee, then the law allows that employee to sue their employer for damages.
Although Whistle Blowing occurs when an employee reports his employer to someone outside the company, Whistle Blowing does not occur when the employee makes a complaint to someone inside the company. However, depending on what the employee reports, the employee may still be protected under other laws. For example, it would be illegal for an employer to fire someone for complaining of sexual harassment, discrimination or any other type of workplace injustice.
If you have been wrongfully terminated for Whistle Blowing, contact the dedicated labor and employment attorneys at Abramson Labor Group. We will fight aggressively and vigorously to get you the compensation and justice you deserve. You may be entitled to claim compensation for your lost wages, benefits, and emotional distress. You may even be entitled to punitive damages.

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