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National Origin Discrimination

Have you been discriminated based on your gender?

Workplace gender discrimination occurs when an employer treats a job applicant or employee differently and less favorably due to his or her gender or because the person is affiliated with a group or organization that is associated with a particular sex. This type of treatment is illegal.

The law requires employers provide equal treatment, policies, standards and practices for both females and males in all phases of the employment process, including recruiting, hiring, firing, placement, promotion, advancement, work opportunity, job training, job assignment, working conditions, compensation, benefits, layoffs, and other term, condition, or privilege of employment. The law forbids employers to make employment decisions based on stereotypes, assumptions about abilities, traits, or the performance of individuals on the basis of sex or gender.

Some examples of possible gender discrimination include:
– An employer makes benefits available to the families and wives of male employee where as the same benefits are not available to the families and husbands of female employees.
– An employer gives you great reviews, but your are fired, laid off, or frequently passed over for a promotion that are filled by less qualified and less senior individuals of the opposite sex.
– An employer is tougher with you and other coworkers of the same sex as you than they are with coworkers of the opposite sex.
– An employer recently hired an employee of the opposite sex with similar training and work experience as you. You find out that he or she will be paid more than you.

At the Abramson Labor Group employment law firm, our discrimination attorneys have extensive experience protecting employee rights. We work together with a team of top-notch legal experts to ensure that each client has the best possible representation. We represent workers at all levels, with an emphasis on senior executives and management, where gender discrimination is still most pernicious. If you have encountered sex or gender discrimination in your California workplace, our firm can explain your legal rights and remedies. Contact us today and let our attorneys vigorously and aggressively fight for your rights as an employee in California.

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