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Pregnancy leave

Are you entitled to pregnancy leave?

In California, any employee who has a disability due to being pregnant is entitled to four months of disability leave.

An employee can take this leave either before or after birth when the employee is unable to work due to a pregnancy related condition.

However, the employee need not take 4 months off at one time- she can take off small periods of time that would accumulate and count toward the total four-months.

Time taken off for pregnancy includes time needed for any type of sickness, care or recovery related to pregnancy. A pregnant employee may even request a reasonable accommodation for which her employer must provide to help cope with her pregnancy related conditions.
If you believe you believe your employer has not treated you fairly with regard to your entitled pregnancy leave or failed to reasonably accommodate you, contact the attorneys at Abramson Labor Group. We will vigorously and aggressively fight for your rights and get you the justice you deserve.
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