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Meal and Rest Breaks

Have you been given meal and rest breaks?
All employers in California must take all necessary steps to provide their employees with opportunities to take meal and rest breaks. The law requires that all employersallowtheir employees to take one 30 minuteuninterrupted meal break and two ten-minute rest breaks for every 8 hour shift. During these breaks, employers must relieve their employees of all duties and are not allowed to discourage employees from taking their breaks. This means that employers cannot schedule employees work so that it would be impossible to take a break. For example, an employer cannot schedule an employees delivery times in which taking a break would prevent the employee from completing the job.

Employers who violate the law and fail to provide their employees with opportunities to take meal and rest breaks, as a penalty, may be liable to pay the employee up to two hours a day at the employees normal hourly rate.

If your employer did not allow you to take rest and meal breaks, then your employer may have violated the law and you could have a valid claim for owed wages. Contact the aggressive and vigorous employment lawyers at Abramson Labor Group today for a free consultation to find out if you have a claim and what we can do for you to get justice.

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