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Unpaid bonus

Has your bonus been withheld?

A bonus is when an employer promises to pay an employee money in addition to any other hourly rate, salary or commission due as compensation.

In many businesses, a bonus is given to employees based on their extraordinary performance, the performance of their departments or contributions to a company’s overall performance. In some industries, employees are paid bonuses based on what is promised to them in their employment contract or other agreements.

There are typically two types of bonuses that employers offer: discretionary and guaranteed.
A guaranteed bonus is when an employee has a contractual right to a bonus. A discretionary bonus is not guaranteed by any sort of agreement and is usually based on performance.

If you were promised a bonus, and your employer failed to pay you, then your employer may have violated the law and youcould have a valid claim for owed wages. Contact the aggressive and vigorous employment lawyers at Abramson Labor Group today for a free consultation to find out if you have a claim and what we can do for you to get justice.

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